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Welcome to Serious Strength
NYC Upper West Side Location

The Body & Strength You’ve Always Wanted Is Almost Yours!

If you’ve landed here you’re ready to take one of the most positive steps towards improving your health and well being. We commend you for this and greatly appreciate that you’re considering us to help you.

We are dedicated to you. We care about you. We want you to realize how good it feels to be strong and to experience the many benefits strength training bestows. We really do.

When you exercise with us, it’s a little fun and 30 minutes of honest, safe, exhilarating exercise. During your session you always have our absolute undivided, rapt attention.

Are you completely out of shape? No problem. A professional athlete? Come on in. Our clients range in age from 7 to 85 years of age with zero or years of exercise experience.

And yes (and you must ask when shopping around) we are all certified by a nationally recognized fitness organization or are university degreed in exercise science. Every one of us has at least 5 years of personal training experience.

The Plus: Since all of us utilize the Slow Burn training method exclusively, one of the many benefits is if your schedule calls for a sudden change, it allows for a seamless transition from one instructor to another. You’ll never hear conflicting ideas or different points of view on exercise or nutrition training with us. This also makes scheduling an appointment that much easier!

We’d love the opportunity to give to you what we know you’ll find a life changing experience. It feels good, really good to be strong.

To schedule a visit to our studio, please call 212.579.9320 or email us at

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“O! ‘Tis excellent to have a giant’s strength!” - Shakespeare



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