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Initial Consultations

All initial consultations are one hour in length. They include a comprehensive health screening, computerized body composition analysis and an introductory exercise session. This session is designed to teach and initiate you to the Slow Burn system of training and is not overly strenuous.

Please wear comfortable clothing and soft soled shoes or sneakers. We look forward to meeting you!

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If you’d like to speak with someone about your needs and wants, please call us at 212.579.9320 or email us.

If you prefer to pay monthly, ask about our EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) programs



Purchase Sessions
15 minute slow burn LITE program

All Consultations and sessions are by appointment only.

Package Options Price  
Consultation Only $130
Single Slow Burn LITE Session $55
Invest in one of the packages below and reward yourself with:

Valued at $500!

Consultation + 20 Slow Burn LITE Sessions $1155

About The Serious Strength Lite 15 Minute Program

Truth be told, what you want from a personal training session is results, not wasting time in a gym exercising. Using our Slow Burn method and specially retrofitted equipment you can experience a very productive personal training session in as little as 15 minutes! While our 30 minute signature session is certainly more beneficial and well rounded, our 15 minute Lite session packs a powerful metabolic wallop.

On top of this, many people today are quite time starved and are also feeling the economic pinch. The Serious Strength Lite session solves both of these issues for you in one fell swoop.

We’re not joking now - don’t take our Lite sessions lightly. They are very effective and affordable. We stand behind the potency of these short and sweet sessions. In fact, after you complete 20, twice weekly training sessions we’ll give you a full refund if you’re not satisfied.



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